Continued Professional Development

Professional Development:  Short courses completed throughout my career

CPD articles, extra courses/workshops, webinars, in-person symposiums and seminars

Courses completed during 2022
  1. January 2022: The role of sleep disorders in Clinical Practice
  2. April 2022: HPCSA Guidelines on the simplified use of social media
  3. April 2022: An update on anti-depressants
  4. May 2022: GMPP Symposium: Bringing the interface between Psychiatry and medicine back to the conference room
  5. June 2022: Emotional consequences of hate incidents: experiences of a South African cohort.
  6. June 2022: Challenges of quality improvement in the healthcare of South Africa post-apartheid: A critical review
  7. June 2022: Principles of Clinical Ethics and their application to practice
  8. August 2022: Fatigue management strategies among women with endometriosis in South Africa: a qualitative study
  9. August 2022: Social justice, health equity and mental health
  10. October 2022: Managing the Covid-19 pandemic in South African schools: turning challenge into opportunity
  11. October 2022: Post traumatic stress disorder and psychological distress in Rwandan refugees living in Zambia
  12. October 2022: Nutrition therapy cost-effective model indicating how nutrition may contribute to the efficiency and financial sustainability of the health systems
  13. October 2022: Summary of proceedings and expert consensus statements from the international summit “Lipids in parental nutrition”
  14. October 2022: DNA vaccines against Covid-19: Perspectives and challenges
  15. October 2022: Joints: What you need to know if you have Crohn’s and Colitis
  16. November 2022: Blood transfusion, pregnancy and birth
  17. November 2022: Ethics: A philosophical approach
  18. November 2022: Teamwork ethics
  19. November 2022: Code of ethics: Relating to transfusion medicine
Courses completed during 2020-2021
  1. May 2020:  Health Professionals & ICD coding
  2. June 2020:  Sex and sexuality webinar
  3. August 2020:  Chronology of Covid 19 cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and ethical considerations:  a report from Japan
  4. September 2020:  Client perceptions of corrective experiences in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing for Generalized Anxiety Disorder:  An Exploratory Pilot Study
  5.  September 2020:  May Hospitals withhold ventilators from COVID 19 patients with pre-existing disabilities?  Notes on the Law and Ethics of disability-based medical rationing
  6. September 2020:  You are still so vain:  Changes in Narcissism from young adulthood to middle age
  7. October 2020:  Association of Cardia Injury with mortality in hospitalized patients with COVID19 in Wuhan, China
  8. October 2020:  Canadian public health laboratory:  Network laboratory guidelines for the use of serological tests for the diagnosis of syphilis in Canada
  9. October 2020:  Psychological risk factors for exercise dependence
  10. Predicting the psychological resilience levels of university students according to some variables
  11. Science, ethics and communication remain essential for the success of cell-based therapies
  12. March 2021: How proper patient records and clinical notes can save the day in Forensic Audits
  13. April 2021: Mental Health in the time of Covid: Facts, Fictions and Feelings
  14. May 2021: Treating your virtual patient – What are your ethical and legal responsibilities
  15. May 2021: POPIA Protection of Private Information Act
  16. July 2021: A looming mental health pandemic in the time of COVID-19? Role of fortitude in the interrelationship between loneliness, anxiety, and life satisfaction among young adults
  17. July 2021: Effects of COVID-19 on the economy and mental health of young people in South Africa: opportunities for strengthening social protection programmes by integrating mental health
  18. August 2021: How to keep good clinical records
  19. August 2021: Overview of Anxiety Disorders
  20. August 2021: Telepsychology and the COVID-19 pandemic: the experiences of psychologists in South Africa
  21. September 2021: Patients as consumers of health care in South Africa: the ethical and legal implications
  22. September 2021: Balancing health worker well-being and duty to care: an ethical approach to staff safety in COVID-19 and beyond
  23. September 2021: Is post-apartheid South Africa training more black African clinical psychologists and addressing the historical imbalance?
  24. September 2021: Healthy snacking in the school environment: Exploring children and mothers’ perspective using projective techniques
  25. September 2021: The Healthy Schools Programme in South Africa
  26. September 2021: A review of place identity studies in post-apartheid South Africa
  27. September 2021: Anxiety Disorder and Anxiety Attacks
  28. September 2021: Effects of consuming sugars and alternative sweeteners during pregnancy on maternal and child health: evidence for a secondhand sugar effect
Courses completed during 2016-2019
  1. February 2016: Ethics simplified: HPCSA, malpractice and ethical decision making
  2. March 2016: HPCSA Symposium
  3. June 2016: Institute for create conversation: David Epston’s Master Class
  4. July 2016: Continued professional development: 2016 OTASA Conference
  5. July 2016: GMMP Symposium 2016 Glynview Hospital
  6. September 2016: Professional Minds: Spotlight on self-regulation
  7. March 2017: Finding my voice: Exploring mindfulness through speaking and sounding.
  8. May 2017: Professional Minds: Toolbox of techniques
  9. July 2017: GMMP Symposium 2017 Glynview Psychiatric Hospital
  10. October 2017: Impact Learning: Practice considerations in today’s economy
  11. July 2018:  GMMP Symposium 2018 Glynview Psychiatric Hospital
  12. July 2018:  Professional Minds: Anxiety Exposed
  13. August 2018:  Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Elementary Level 1:  BWRT Professionals Worldwide.
  14. May 2019:  Basic Psychopharmacology (I)
  15. May 2019:  Basic Psychopharmacology (II)
  16. July 2019:  GMPP Symposium
  17. July 2019:  Ethics:  Issues of care I progressive neurological disease
  18. July 2019:  Ethics:  Issues of care in progressive neurological disease
  19. September 2019:  The Self in Practice:  Letting go of unhelpful self-concepts
Courses completed during 2011 - 2015
  1. February 2010: The Changing Faces of psychotherapy: A Congress and the Third World Congress on Ego State Therapy
  2. May 2010: Lundbeck GP Day
  3. October 2010: GP CNS Workshop
  4. May 2011: Master the mystery of relationships
  5. May 2011: Imago Therapy workshop
  6. June 2011: Fundemental Intensive Training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  7. October 2011: Lundbeck – CNS GP day
  8. May 2012: Lundbeck Pretoria GP Day
  9. June 2012: Depression – The next step in treatment options
  10. July 2012: 30thInternational Congress of Psychology
  11. September 2012: Depression – The next step I treatment options: The 5thWorld Congress on Ego State Therapy
  12. June 2013: Lundbeck – CNS GP day: Bioethics or ethical dilemmas in the GP practice
  13. November 2013: The Concentration Clinic
  14. May 2014: Fundamental Training in Ego State Therapy
  15. November 2014: From Science to Practice: The impact of modern CBT, Intervention for patients with Depression and Social Phobia
  16. January 2015: Project Brain Training Weekend
  17. March 2015: DSM – 5 Workshop
  18. April 2015: Ethics simplified: Breaking Bad News
  19. July 2015: Anxiety and depression (Glynview Hospital Congress)
  20. August 2015: SAAMS Symposium 2015: “The dual diagnosis dilemma”
Courses completed during 2000 - 2010
  1. April 2000: Kathy Weingarten Workshop: The Personal is Professional
  2. July 2002: Male sexuality
  3. June 2003: Practicum in Family Therapy held in Rome from 2-13 June
  4. September 2004: 10thAnniversary Congress Psyssa
  5. June 2007: Narrative therapy and divorce: Re-authoring Divorce Narrative into hope-filled stories
  6. August 2007: Brief therapy with children and adolescents
  7. February 2008: Using small “Co-Therapists” in Marital and Family Therapy
  8. July 2008: Keeping the temper tyrant on the rails
  9. September 2007: Reclaiming lives from the problem world
  10. November 2008: Suicide
  11. June 2009: Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders
  12. August 2009: Lundbeck GP Day
  13. September 2009 Brief therapy for clients with Depression and Anxiety: We all say WOW to life!
  14. November 2009: Scientific weekend
  15. February 2010: The Changing Faces of psychotherapy: A Congress and the Third World Congress on Ego State Therapy
  16. May 2010: Lundbeck GP Day
  17. October 2010: GP CNS Workshop